Thursday, July 14, 2011

Battle! What battle?

Too many believers are in a battle and under equipped

It has been quite some time since I posted a new blog and I apologize. Things have been hectic, but I hope to get things up and moving now.

How many of us really consider the fact that we are indeed in a battle? Paul in Ephesians 6 tells us as much and even tells us who we are battling with. No, its not our neighbor, or that grumpy person in the next pew. No its not the folks from that "other" denomination. Its not even that person that seems to just make our life miserable. It is Satan, the devil and he is not alone. Under his leadership we are told there are principalities. This is an old word meaning ancient or ancient times. This is a well seasoned army we are at battle with. another group are called powers. here the word is arche. We get our word arch from the same root. There are bishops and then there are archbishops of a higher position. these arche's or powers are lower than principalities but higher than the foot soldiers that come after them.

The world forces of this darkness and the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenlies. Demons would be the best way to describe these soldiers. They are called falen angels by many. We see throughout Scripture what just one angel can do, so we have to ask just what match am I for such a well seasoned and enormous army? Well to put it plainly, you are toast. Or at least you are if you try to enter this battle alone and without the right equipment. As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ we are already assured that we are not alone. He has even provided the equipment we need to come out victorious. Sadly many believers simply either refuse or are ignorent as to picking up and putting on this equipment.

I remember a few years ago there were a few scandals that really got people hot under the collar. One was that because of bi-partisen bickering over money, many of our young children fighting in the middle east had less than adequate supplies and equipment. People were furious and we called for heads to roll. Another was about a company that supplied bullet proof vests that had been found to be less than sufficient. again the cry for heads changed the situations. But where are the cries and where is the concern for so many believers walking through this battle field unequipped or under equipped. Most churches do not even talk about this subject. I mean folks might get uncomfortable if we challenge them. think on this for a day or two and I will talk more on this equipment the Apostle Paul calls Armor.

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