Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are you merely reading or deeply Studying?

This week’s poll I believe asks a very important question. Do you simply read your Bible or do you study it? Do you merely skim the stories like a fiction or novel or do you really dig to see what God is communicating to His people?

I believe Christians have never been weaker or more vulnerable than they are today for the simple reason that they depend on others to tell them what God has written rather then, Like the more noble Bereans, study the scriptures daily to see if these things were so. Scripture itself commands us to study to show ourselves approved. Did you know that was a command and not simply a suggestion? You would if you studied God’s word rather than merely reading it.

I asked a few people what tools they have at home for studying the bible and was amazed at the answers. The vast majority have no commentaries, bible dictionaries, lexicons, concordances, atlases or even a very basic bible handbook. Try reading the gospel of John chapter 21:15-17 without some of these tools and what you come away with is that either Peter is hard of hearing or Jesus often repeated Himself. However with some simple tools we come away with a rich back and forth dialogue concerning different types of love and what Peter was able to muster at the time, and Jesus’ commission of pasturing His small flock in a number of different way. That the difference between merely reading and studying Gods word and what will strengthen you and keep you firmly planted.


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